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“Her voice is sweet and powerful and her songs are passionate and heartfelt.
Her music  has a lovely mix of elements from the US, The Nordic Countries and a whole lot of Spanish love”.


Susanne Ørum debuted in 1994 with Danish girl group "Me - She & Her".
They won a Grammy for "Best New Danish Act" and had a huge hit in Denmark and Sweden with a song written by Diane Warren: “I Count the Minutes”. 
She has performed in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, New York, Philadelphia and Seattle with her own music.

In 2017 she released the singles: “Lullaby for Lou” and “Peace, Joy, Love”.
In 2018 she released the singles: “Master of Your Own Show” and “Right Element”.
In 2019 she released the single “Don’t”.
In 2020 she release the single "
Stjerneskud" with soul choir Shiva.

In 2021 she released the single "Klampenborg station" and "Vidunderlig timing"

The single "Master of Your Own Show" is being played on Danish Radio, P4.

The single "Right Element" has been selected as THE ONE TO WATCH on Mi-Soul Radio (UK).
The singles Klampenborg station and 
Vidunderlig timing are being played on Danish Radio P5.

Susanne Ørum also contributed to more than 400 albums in Denmark as a vocal producer and singer as well as singing on movies, cartoons, jingles etc. 

Her album GET REAL will be released in March 2023 and is presenting 13 soulful and powerful songs about the ongoing balance between being present in the real world which can be cold and rough, and being lulled into a daydream where everything can be beautiful and almost a relief.

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