Dear everyone,


I am very much looking forward to presenting my whole album, GET REAL, for you April 24, 2020.

We will celebrate it with a release party and live concert at Ingolfs Kaffebar, 8.30 pm.





Album release & concert

Ingolfs Kaffebar, Ingolfs Alle 3, 2300 Kbh S

Admission: 50 DKK

8 PM - 10.30 PM

  • Susanne Ørum: Vocal & keys

  • Daniel Fridell: Keys

  • Mogens Palsbøll: Bass

  • Søren Nørup: Guitar

GET REAL - an eternal balance between being present in the real world (even when it's cold and heartless) and being lulled into a daydream where everything can be beautiful and almost a relief.

The album is being release with support from DAF, KODA, DPA and DMF.